Spine Health Importance

Who wouldn’t want a healthy spine? It is the main support structure of the body. When damaged not only is your moveability compromised, but information is slowed or even closed down to get where it needs to be. Nerve signals are carried by the spine which allows you to sit, stand, lie down, and move. If the spine is damaged those nerve signals aren’t able to process or are inhibited by pain. The best cure for damaging the spine is prevention. 

Rest Allows for a Healthy Spine 

When we sleep our body is able to rejuvenate the muscles that have worked hard all day supporting and moving our bodies around. The right amount of support and position are important to getting a good night’s sleep, and also help your spine stay healthy and do its job. When picking out a mattress pick one that supports you in a comfortable position without sagging. Speak with your doctor to learn which mattress and sleep position would be best for your body. The right mattress will increase the health of your spine and allow you to wake up ready for a new day. 


The core muscles, the lower back, and abdominal muscles support the spine. Your lower abdominal muscles have a part to play. Ask your doctor about different types of exercises that will enhance your core and help strengthen your spine’s support system. This is especially important for women who have given birth because pregnancy can stretch the abdominal muscles. Completing a 20-30 minute exercise session focusing on the core daily can strengthen your core and give your spine the support it needs. 

The Right Shoes 

Walking is a great exercise and a lot of people partake in it daily. Even if it is a simple walk with the dog it is a good habit to get in for your body. Unfortunately, a lot of us are walking in shoes that are unsupportive and making our spines strain. The correct shoe provides comfort and provides a good base for keeping the spine in the right position when walking or standing. Orthotic inserts are a great investment for your shoes that will help properly support your back. 

Good Posture

The right office chair and practicing good posture when seated are good starting points. The strain on the lumbar region of the back is caused by slouching and leaning forward. When you are working or sitting around be sure to walk around every 20-30 minutes. This will relieve the pressure sitting puts on the lower vertebrate. Consider using a standing desk for part of the workday to relieve some pressure. 

Your spine is important and deserves to be taken care of. Contact us today if you want to learn more or schedule an appointment.