The office staff are all very nice and helpful. Dr. Alexander relieved my nerve pain in my neck and offered solutions for my future. I feel very well informed and hopeful now. Thank you to the non-surgical spine center!


The 1st time I saw Dr. Alexander, I could barely drive the mile it took to get to his office. After a few treatments I am back to my normal routine with very little pain. So much better than surgery! Thanks, Dr. Alexander.


Dr. Alexander has provided me with excellent service and treatment. Diagnosed with ortho arthritis he performed two procedures of non evasive shots to my back which has allowed me to continue with my every day life free of pain. The second treatment was done because I stressed my back moving my daughter and since then I have felt very good. As many of my friends, I am 70, have had back surgery, this is a great alternative and would recommend it for consideration.


Dr. Alexander and his staff have done an outstanding job treating my back pain issues noninvasively! His staff is caring and helpful, friendly and very organized. I would highly recommend visiting Dr. Alexander whenever you are dealing with any back pain issues. He will take great care of you!


I suffered so long with neck and back pain until I was referred to Dr. Alexander as the last option before surgery-I feel like a new person-after the injection in my back and lower back. My pain is almost completely gone. Everyone in the office is friendly and very professional.


Amazing caring doctor. Excellent staff. Dr. Alexander is very concerned with patient’s level of pain.


Dr. Alexander and his office has definitely improved my quality of life! Very professional and most important very caring is my description. He has a bad back and gets injections, he understands! Wow, that is huge to me. I’m extremely grateful to be in his care. Thank you Dr. Alexander and wonderful staff


Y’all have met my expectations very good on the scale of 1-10. I first came in the office feeling pain number 5 and now I feel zero pain. No pain at all. I thank y’all so much for the help.


Dr. Alexander has helped me for several years and has pinpointed the exact spot for an injection (the injection didn’t hurt.) The results were immediate and relieved the pain. I am only sorry I waited so long for treatment. He is careful and professional. Thank you Non-Surgical Spine Center.


I have been seeing Dr. Alexander for years and have been extremely pleased with his care.  I appreciate his conservative approach to medicine and the fact that I have never been to him, complaining of pain,  that he was not able to get to the root of the problem and prescribe the correct treatment, making me better in no time at all.  He is always patient, kind and and gives his full attention.  His staff is just as professional, efficient, and caring, as he is.  I highly recommend him.


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