My name is John Kelbaugh. I recently woke up one morning with back pain so bad that I could not even get out of bed. When I finally made it to my regular doctor, he referred me to Dr. Alexander. I came to Dr. Alexander and discovered he performs non-surgical procedures. I had one done and the results were almost immediate. I also had some physical therapy that he recommended and now I’m back on my feet, back on my bike, and very happy with the results.


This is Alvin Olasov. I just wanted to say the treatment that Dr. Alexander provided me was very successful. I avoided back surgery. Given I had always been warned by friends and family to stay away from surgery, I am very pleased.


Hi, my name is Sherry Martin and I have suffered with back pain for quite a long time. For a period of 3 months, I was actually walking with a cane due to constant pain. I then saw Dr. Alexander. He gave me a procedure placing some medicine in my back. His treatment has worked for several weeks now and I am able to work in my garden and take nice long walks without any pain. I highly recommend going this route rather than having a surgical procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Alexander and his staff.


My name is Thomas Brown. I have had back and leg pain for the last 3 or 4 years and right now it’s doing much better. I’ve had two nerve blocks performed by Dr. Alexander in the last 3 years, and I tell you this procedure works wonderful! I don’t know what else to say. It’s something that everybody with back and leg pain should try before even considering an operation. It works for me and the doctor here does a wonderful job. I hope this most recent procedure lasts another 3 or 4 years before I come back again. Many thanks to Dr. Alexander and his staff.


My name is Phyllis Hughes and I’ve been with Dr. Alexander since 2007. I had a back injury while working at the post office in 2003 and suffered a lot before I found Dr. Alexander. I never wanted to have surgery and hoped it would not be necessary, but I had a lot of problems, and a lot of pain. Dr. Alexander offered me non-surgical procedures including epidurals, nerve blocks, and physical therapy to try and avoid surgery. So far, so good. I am thankful he has worked with me. I’m not a medicine taker and I prefer not to take pills. I’m more of a natural healing type person. Dr. Alexander has been great and kept me out of surgery, so I compliment him and his staff.


Hi, I’m Elizabeth Demeo. I hurt myself working at the hospital trying to help a patient. I had to have three procedures on my back, but in the end they helped me immensely. Working in a hospital, that’s saying a lot. Dr. Alexander has really helped me be able to function better.


Hi, my name is Adele Fordham. I came to see Dr. Alexander because of back and leg pain. He was very kind and listened to me. He did a procedure on me and I’m feeling better now than I ever did. I was in an auto accident in 2004 and it seemed like people wouldn’t listen to me, that I was exaggerating my pain. I thank God for him. I appreciate his patience and his kindness. It just was an amazing experience and, like I say, I’m feeling a whole lot better. He’s a great doctor and he’s done wonders for my ailment.


Hi, my name is Guydetra Simmons. I’m a patient here at Dr. Alexander’s office. I took an alternate route instead of any type of surgery following a car accident. I’m feeling well after a recent procedure and I’m coming along great. I think Dr. Alexander provides a great alternative to having surgery.


My name is Harold Smith and my leg was crushed in an accident. It affected my walk and led to back pain. After my leg surgery was done, I still had back pain and they sent me over to Dr. Alexander. He did two procedures on my lower back, and it made me feel a whole lot better. I was in and out of his office each time, I mean in 15 or 20 minutes I was done.


Dr. Alexander has provided me with excellent service and treatment. Diagnosed with ortho arthritis he performed two procedures of non evasive shots to my back which has allowed me to continue with my every day life free of pain. The second treatment was done because I stressed my back moving my daughter and since then I have felt very good. As many of my friends, I am 70, have had back surgery, this is a great alternative and would recommend it for consideration.


Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from patient to patient