What Is Scrambler Therapy? Everything You Need To Know About This Popular Charleston Service

What Is Scrambler Therapy? Everything You Need To Know About This Popular Charleston Service

Anyone who experiences chronic neuropathic pain understands that treating it can be challenging without therapy treatments like scrambler therapy. But what is scrambler therapy, for those that haven’t been familiarized with the treatment program? We understand that it can be hard to determine where your pain is coming from and how it forms, and understanding your body is the first and best step you can take toward helping it.

Since we get a lot of questions about the benefits of scrambler therapy, we’ve decided to talk about the treatment in a blog post. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about understanding and recognizing neuropathic pain, scrambler therapy, and other forms of chiropractic help that can help you get some relief.

Who Is Scrambler Therapy For?

Before we can describe what scrambler therapy is and what it can do for people, it’s important to understand who this treatment is meant to work for in the first place. Those who suffer from neuropathic pain will find that scrambler therapy is a great option for pain relief in a way that doesn’t involve pharmaceutical drugs. This decreases the risks of potential side effects involved with other common treatments, making it an easier way to treat neuropathic pain without potential downsides.

Neuropathic pain is associated with damaged nerve endings and characterized by pain that’s not associated with any other symptom, occurring as a direct result of damaged nerve endings that prevent the brain from being able to stop pain receptors in the body from flaring up. This type of pain can be things like a prickling sensation with no cause, shooting pains while sleeping, or other forms of pain that have no injury or illness associated with them. Once diagnosed, a doctor can recommend scrambler therapy as a solution for these types of pains.

This type of pain can often be caused by injuries to the brain and other damages to nerve endings. Often, cancer patients also notice some type of neuropathic pain over the course of treatment. One way to treat neuropathic pain is by prescribing drugs like SSRI’s as a way of helping the brain produce different levels of neurotransmitters. Without prescription drugs, treating these types of pain requires something like scrambler therapy.

Scrambler Therapy

The best way to describe scrambler therapy is a way of stimulating the skin electronically around areas where the body experiences higher levels of neuropathic pain. A machine is attached to areas of the body that experience this pain, where they then transmit electrostimulating waves through the machine and into the body to create a tickling sensation where pain was previously felt.

The intention of these electrostimulating waves is to confuse the brain into sending a different message to the nerves in the area that was previously sending pain signals. This helps “scramble” the brain into thinking that it no longer needs to send pain signals to the nerves, helping alleviate neuropathic pain on a long-term basis. Over time, scrambler therapy can help alleviate chronic neuropathic pain throughout the course of a treatment program. Spine specialists, like those at the Spine Center in Charleston are able to offer scrambler therapy. Consult the Spine Center if you think it would help alleviate your chronic neuropathic pain.