Hip Bursa Injections

Does Hip Bursa Injections Reduce Pain?

Looking for pain relief for the side of your hips? Look no further than Dr. Rob Alexander at Non-Surgical Spine Center in Charleston, SC. When you come to Non-Surgical Spine Center the way your condition will be treated will be clearly explained utilizing a spine model. We are happy to answer all your questions about your non-surgical treatment regime. One of our non-surgical treatment regimens is hip bursa injections.


Hip bursitis is usually caused by an altered gait (walk) or repetitive activities. It is seen in patients that have chronic back and/or leg pain as they tend to favor one side or the other when they walk. This causes excessive stressors on the hip region resulting in hip bursitis. 

Who Needs Hip Bursa Injections?

Patients who qualify for hip bursa injections are people who have pain on the sides of their hips. The area may be tender to the touch. These patients will complain of significant pain while lying on their sides at night which can interfere with their sleep. Frequently the pain is not related to the spine or hip joint. Often, the diagnosis is hip bursitis which is simply the inflammation of a protective sac, which sits on top of the hip bone. This condition is easy to treat as Dr. Alexander will place medicine directly into the hip bursa without x-ray guidance. 

Procedure Itself 

The hip bursa injection procedure takes less than 30 seconds and can relieve pain in the hip area on either side significantly. First, the area over the bursa will be cleaned thoroughly. Dr. Alexander may use a needle to numb the area where the injection will be inserted. If a tiny needle is used for numbing, there will be another needle to insert the medicine. There can be some feelings of pressure or discomfort. You may receive some ice after the injection to place on the area. 

After the Hip Bursa Injection

There can be some numbness over your hip for a few hours. If you receive a shot with both a pain reliever and a steroid, the pain will probably go away right away. The pain could come back after a few hours if the steroid hasn’t kicked in. Steroid medicine can take up to a few days to start working, which is why there may be some pain after. To reduce pain ice your hips for ten to twenty minutes at a time. Once the steroid begins to set in the pain relief can last for several days to months or longer. 

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