Nerve Pain Management

Managing any kind of chronic is challenging, but nerve pain management comes with its own set of obstacles, including accurate diagnosis of your specific type of nerve pain and designing a comprehensive plan with the most effective treatments.

However, nerve pain doesn’t have to rule your life. There are multiple safe and effective, drug-free solutions for the treatment of nerve pain, many of which can be performed in our office. However, your ultimate defense against your nerve pain is a comprehensive pain management plan with the most effective nerve pain treatments for your unique needs.

Challenges in the Diagnosis of Nerve Pain

There are multiple neuropathic pain mechanisms that are relevant in the accurate diagnosis of nerve pain, and the specificity necessary for proper diagnosis has indirectly contributed to both the under-diagnosis of nerve pain, and consequently its under-treatment. In addition, there is heavy reliance on specialized electrodiagnostic testing, and it may be difficult to get a thorough medical history that can either point to or eliminate variables based on pain descriptors, for instance.

Safe and Reliable Non-Surgical Nerve Pain Management

Many pain management health providers rely on medications that can help with nerve pain, such as antidepressants and anticonvulsants, but these options should only be used as a component of a broader and more diverse nerve pain management plan, as these options for nerve pain treatment are limited in their efficacy when standing alone. As with any medical treatment plan, it often takes a custom combination of nerve pain treatments to form the best plan for nerve pain management.

A Comprehensive Plan

A nerve pain management plan should cover all facets and may include complementary or alternative therapies like physical therapy, counseling, relaxation therapy, massage, and acupuncture. All therapies and treatments within your pain management plan should enhance more high-tech and complex treatments, such as non-surgical solutions for your nerve pain like scrambler therapy.

What Is Scrambler Therapy for Nerve Pain?

Scrambler therapy is a non-invasive treatment for nerve pain for patients who are having difficulty finding effective long-term solutions for their pain, despite the efforts of multiple pain specialists. This life-changing approach to nerve pain treatment benefits patients with various types of nerve pain, including peripheral neuropathy due to chemotherapy and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Other safe and effective non-surgical treatments for nerve pain and other types of chronic pain include transforaminal epidural injections and sacroiliac joint injections.

The diagnosis and treatment of chronic nerve pain comes with many challenges, but there are non-invasive, drug-free solutions that when used in conjunction with one another, can make successful management a reality for patients with little hope left. Offered by Dr. Alexander and his associates at the Non-Surgical Spine Center, non-surgical treatments for nerve pain may be the component you’re missing in your nerve pain management plan.

If you’re ready to find the most effective mix of nerve pain treatments for you, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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