3 Tips On Aquatic Therapy for Spine Pain

Physical therapy is one of the many available tools for spine pain management. Exercises targeting the imbalance of supporting muscle groups can help strengthen the muscles and improve the structures that support the back and spine, reducing spine pain. Pain, however, can prevent effective exercise. Aquatic therapy provides a gentle, low-impact alternative to traditional exercise.

Aquatic Therapy For Spine Pain Benefits

The support provided by the water reduces pressure on strained joints and muscles, allowing you a greater range of motion. Other benefits include:

  • Water provides a natural cushion, creating a safe environment in which to stretch and work weakened muscles.
  • The natural resistance of the water enhances the work of moving
  • The support of the water reduces strain on the heart and on injured areas, making it an excellent exercise for diabetics and those with heart disease
  • Aqua therapy reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Warm water aquatic therapy helps reduce muscle and spine pain
  • Water prevents problems with balance and falling


Aquatic Therapy for Spine Pain

Aquatic therapy exercises are tailored to meet the needs of each individual. Your therapist will work with you to design a program that’s suited to your specific situation and needs. There are several basic types of exercise. Exercises may be performed standing in shallow water or in deeper water, depending upon the patient’s needs and comfort levels. Walking in the water, “jogging” while suspended in deeper water, and various stretching exercises may be included.


Certain conditions may make water therapy inappropriate. If you suffer from severe heart failure, have an infection or fever, or certain other conditions, it may not be your best choice. Be sure to share your complete medical history and current list of medications with your therapist.

For patients with osteoporosis, aquatic exercises may not provide the resistance needed to build bone density. Dr. Alexander can advise you on the best course of treatment for your condition.

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