Epidural Steroid Injection: A Solution

Patients coming to the Non-Surgical Spine Center commonly report pain and stiffness in either their neck, or their mid-back or lower back, often called the lumbar spine, resulting from various degenerative conditions, including bulging or herniated discs, which in turn causes nerve inflammation, leading to pain. This pain can be either chronic, lasting for years, or severe, leading to a reduced participation in their activities and with it, a reduced quality of life in general. Some patients have reported pain to be debilitating, making them unable to even get out of bed.

The Solution – An Epidural Steroid Injection

For situations like this, an epidural steroid injection is a commonly employed procedure. It is a minimally invasive procedure, lasting less than an hour, allowing the patient to leave the clinic with little recovery time, usually taking effect within ten to twenty minutes.

Using a fluoroscope with dye for guidance, anti-inflammatory meds (steroids) enter directly in the spine and the spinal cord (via injection) at the site where the patient is feeling pain. Steroids help to inhibit inflammation of the nerve fibers, as well as the general immune response. The results are often immediate. Nerve inflammation reduces, leading to significantly less pain or no pain free in some cases.

So, What’s an Epidural Steroid Injection?

According to WebMD, an epidural steroid injection only targets the nerves that carry pain impulses to the brain, leaving all other nerve fibers untouched, so you are able to feel touch and pressure, for example, so a patient does not experience numbness and can still walk even though pain signals are being dampened.

Epidural refers to the membrane surrounding the spinal cord and the space inside it where one injects the medication.

woman with back pain

A Non-invasive, Less Expensive Solution

As its name suggests, the Non-Surgical Spine Center does just that; minimally invasive, non surgical procedures such as epidural steroid injections. Procedures are performed on-site, in their own procedure suite. This results in significant savings for the patient, as hospital fees can often run in the thousands. This also saves the patient from going to another location for the procedure.

The Non-Surgical Spine Center has the finest equipment and facilities available, comparable to any hospital or large surgical clinic. They can do the procedure in their clinic in most cases, without the patient having to go elsewhere.

Patients Love It

Patient satisfaction is high. Patients consistently give the Center five stars for the doctors, the care they receive and of course the results they enjoy afterward, of greatly reduced pain, greater mobility and the ability to enjoy their favorite activities and just live life.

Tired of being in pain? Call us today at (843)856-9669 to schedule a consultation. No matter where your pain is and what caused it, we can find a solution to help manage it.

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