Arm and Leg Pain

If you’ve ever found yourself having constant or even occasional pain in your arm or leg, you probably had trouble completing your daily tasks. Unfortunately this can cause even simple activities like walking, writing, or riding a bike to hurt your body and create discomfort. Understand your arm and leg pain by learning more about the causes, symptoms, and treatments for this kind of pain.
Arm and Leg Pain


If you experience any level of discomfort during day to day activities like sitting, walking, running, or biking, you could be experiencing arm or leg pain. Some symptoms of arm pain can include numbness, swelling, tenderness, redness in the arm, or stiffness of the joints. Some indicators that you have leg pain are weakness, numbness, throbbing, cramps in the muscles, aching, or a tingling sensation.


Interestingly, the main source for arm and leg pain is from nerves in your legs. Since these nerves come from different areas, arm and leg pain are typically associated with an irritated or pinched nerve that comes from the spine. Additionally, if you have a bad disc in your spine or a condition called stenosis, the nerves in your arm or leg could become inflamed and lead to severe pain, numbness, or even weakness.

Treatment and Relief

Dr. Alexander may do an MRI, CT, or EMG in order to determine the cause of your arm and leg pain. Once the source has been identified, some non-surgical treatments may be recommended; including, but not limited to, trigger point injections, physical therapy, epidurals, selective nerve blocks, or spinal cord stimulators.

Non-Surgical Spine Center

Non-Surgical Spine Center was established with the mission of providing patients and clinicians a non-surgical alternative in the treatment of spine and musculoskeletal pain. Utilizing the most current and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, our group offers patients a multitude of options for improving daily function and quality of life while significantly decreasing levels of pain. If you are experiencing arm or leg pain, feel free to contact our office at 843-856-9669 or at our contact page.




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