No pain despite disc herniation! Their EmSculptNeo wellness program exceeded my expectations. I no longer have any pain in my lower back and I am exercising again. I’ve also lost inches in my waistline!

Shannon W.

Feeling so much better! Their new “EmSculptNeo” core sculpting treatment regimen has had a 100% positive effect on significantly reducing my back pain from scoliosis and spinal stenosis. The staff at the Non-Surgical Spine Center as as well as Dr Alexander are all very caring.

Rona B.

Highly recommend Scrambler Therapy! After 7 years of significant chronic pain in my hand after a major work injury, Scrambler Therapy has diminished the pain to mostly non-existent. I was able to stop taking medications and look forward to using my hand now.

Scott S.

Very impressed with this medical office. Dr. Alexander’s office is well staffed and well run. He has one of the very few Scrambler Therapy machines in private practice and the treatment I received resolved my 20+ year peripheral neuropathy to the point I stopped taking 900-1800mg of daily Gabapentin. I am an extremely pleased patient.

Richard B.

Definitely recommend! Excellent care! Very happy to be able to avoid surgery. Wonderful staff, always thoughtful, and in touch with what I needed, Thank you!

Five star rating! Treatments worked really well. Staff is great.

Great spine practice! Dr Alexander and ALL of his support staff have been informative and professional. My spine condition has significantly improved due to their wonderful care. I highly recommend their health care programs and advanced procedures to improve your well being.

Mark R.

Great team members and a great communicator of diagnosis in Dr. Alexander. Happy to be in their care.


Quality of life changing results! From chronic severe low back pain to NO PAIN.


Dr. Alexander is always so pleasant and helps me to get relief from my back and leg pain.


Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from patient to patient