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Patients seeking a great spine doctor come to Dr. Alexander with a myriad of neck and back challenges. Pain in the neck and back is indicative of a multitude of possible underlying issues within the spine’s nerves, muscle groups, or vertebrae. Most patients are able to put off or even avoid surgery through alternative treatments aimed at relieving pressure, reducing strain on key points in the spine, or eliminating pain.

About Dr. Robert Alexander

Dr. Robert Alexander grew up in South Carolina. He has returned to the area to provide his community with excellent care as a top spine doctor. He received his Doctorate of Medicine from the Medical University of South Carolina, right here in Charleston. He holds several certifications in physical medicine and rehabilitation and holds a specialty in Pain Medicine.

Dr. Alexander’s research into effective treatment of lower back pain using intradiscal steroids has been published by the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He carries his extensive expertise and knowledge into his practice, bringing pain relief and healing to his patients.

Dr. Alexander believes that many patients can be helped without surgery. He provides a variety of minimally invasive treatments to his patients, which allows them the option of avoiding surgery. Since most procedures are able to be performed on-site, patients don’t have to visit a hospital or surgical center to receive treatment. Not only is in-office care more convenient, it greatly reduces the cost of treatment for our patients.

What Sets Non-Surgical Spine Center Apart

Choosing a doctor to treat chronic pain in various areas can be difficult, especially when faced with the possibility of surgery. The wide range of available treatment options offered at Non-Surgical Spine Center is one biggest differentiating factors that set us apart. In other words, before choosing highly invasive surgical procedures, patients are able to explore all of the options available for reducing or relieving chronic pain. For example, our treatment options include facet joint injections, epidural steroid injections, coccyx (tailbone) injections, physical therapy, peripheral joint injections, scrambler therapy, spinal cord stimulator, and more. These treatment options, combined with the personalized care each patient can expect at Non-Surgical Spine Center, make our clinic the best spine care center in Charleston.

Best Spine Doctor – Charleston, SC

Some of the conditions we treat include the neck, and upper and lower back pain, numbness or pain in the hands, degenerative disc disease, failed back syndrome, sciatica, and more. If you are having back or neck pain, or suffering a loss of mobility and strength due to pinched nerves or other back and neck problem, Dr. Alexander may be the spine doctor for you! Call for an appointment today, and let us help you live your best life.

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