Arthritis is a condition that affects many seniors, and can cause pain in their daily activities. While it typically affects adults, it also impacts younger people as well. Typically the condition refers to degenerative changes, typically of the spine. As you age, the joints in your spine will experience wear and tear, and eventually irritate surrounding spinal nerves. Joint movement can become painful as this happens. Even though this pain indicates an issue that an individual needs to address, it doesn’t have to be the end all of the activities you love to enjoy.


Arthritis Symptoms

Symptoms of arthritis typically involve pain around your joints. These might come and go depending on a number of factors, or the pain could be constant. The pain can also be mild to severe. Severe arthritis cases can result in permanent joint damage. Due to the possibility of severe damage over time, it is important to seek out treatment options as soon as possible. Don’t ignore the pain. Other symptoms of arthritis include:

  • Swollen or Stiff Joints
  • Joints that look Red
  • Warm-To-The-Touch Joints
  • Tenderness
  • Trouble moving joints
  • Problems doing everyday tasks

Arthritis Causes

Sometimes, arthritis is hereditary. However, it can also have a variety of other causes including:

  • Age. As you age, your joints experience more and more movement and eventually simply get worn down.
  • Gender. Women are more likely to get it than men.
  • Excess weight. If you’re overweight, you are putting extra stress on your legs that will make you more likely to get it in your knees.
  • Injuries. If you’ve been injured, there’s a chance that your injury could cause joint damage that can lead to it.

Arthritis Treatment 

To accurately diagnose arthritis, an x-ray, MRI, or CT should be completed. After you are diagnosed, Dr. Alexander may consider non-surgical treatments for you like physical therapy, epidurals, selective nerve blocks, or sacroiliac joint injections. In addition, other treatments for arthritis include:

  • Medicine
  • Physical therapy
  • Splints or other aids
  • Weight loss

Non-Surgical Spine Center

Non-Surgical Spine Center was established with the mission of providing patients and clinicians a non-surgical alternative in the treatment of spine and musculoskeletal pain. Utilizing the most current and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, our group offers patients a multitude of options for improving daily function and quality of life while significantly decreasing levels of pain. If you are experiencing hip pain, feel free to contact our office at 843-856-9669 or at our contact page.




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