What is Scrambler Therapy?

Scrambler therapy is an innovative medical device for the treatment of chronic pain patients with limited options. It was invented in Italy and utilized in Europe successfully for over a decade before being cleared for utilization in the USA.


How Long has Scrambler Therapy Been Available for Patients in the United States?

The FDA approved the use of this technology within the United States in 2009. The medical device is now currently utilized at multiple renowned medical centers throughout the country including Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and Walter Reed Military Hospital in DC. Local medical center MUSC also utilizes the technology in its cancer center as it can effectively treat cancer pain.


Can Scrambler Therapy be Performed Outside of a Hospital?

Our medical practice is one of less than 15 outpatient physician practices in the country offering this medical treatment to the local community outside of a hospital setting.

Scrambler Therapy Machine

What Does Scrambler Therapy Treat?

Scrambler therapy is utilized to treat chronic nerve conditions including pain and numbness with success rates of greater than 70% on average. Treatment regimens are only offered to individuals with chronic conditions that have not responded to traditional medical options including medications, injections, and/or surgical intervention.


How Does it Work?

Each treatment regimen is painless and consist of 10 one hour scrambler sessions all performed in our outpatient Charleston area medical center. Total treatment time is 10 hours performed over a 2 week period. Electrodes (similar to EKG pads) are placed on the skin just outside the area of chronic pain and/or numbness. Upon medical device activation, the chronic pain or numbness signal traveling from the damaged nerves to the brain are converted to a normal “pain-free” signal. The process is similar to flipping a light switch and turning off your chronic pain or numbness signals. It has proven to be a life-changing treatment option based on numerous medical studies for many individuals throughout the country that previously did not respond to conventional medical treatments.


What are Some Examples of Conditions it can Treat?

Scrambler therapy is utilized to treat multiple neuropathic conditions including chronic intractable back and neck pain, post-laminectomy syndrome (continued pain despite spine surgery), post joint replacement pain, peripheral neuropathy, Diabetic neuropathy, postherpetic neuralgia (pain after shingles), lumbar radiculopathy (chronic back and leg pain “or” sciatica), cervical radiculopathy (chronic neck and arm pain), and RSD/CRPS.


Is Scrambler Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Scrambler therapy is not currently covered by insurance carriers. Regardless, the medical treatment is extremely popular given high success rates and patients frequently travel to the area for treatment. Scrambler medical regimen is only offered to appropriate candidates and is based on availability.


How do I Find Out if I am a Candidate for Scrambler Therapy?

If you find yourself dealing with a chronic pain condition and/or chronic numbness or tingling interfering with the quality of life, please contact our office today at 843-856-9669. We will schedule a personal appointment with our physician director to determine if you would be a candidate for
this potentially life-changing treatment option.

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