Hip Pain

Hip pain can halt your daily activities. We us our hips for almost everything, from swimming and exercising to walking and running.  If you are experiencing hip pain, your routine can be severely interrupted. In order to better understand your hip pain, take a look at these symptoms, causes, and treatment options.

Hip Pain


Pain in the hip region may not be related to the hip joint itself. In many patients, the pain is referred from the lower back due to a pinched or inflamed nerve, bad disc, or joint inflammation. Symptoms are frequently worse with prolonged walking and going from a sitting to standing position. Depending on the condition that’s causing your hip pain, you might feel the discomfort in your thigh, the inside of the hip joint, groin, outside of the hip joint, or buttocks.


Your muscles and tendons can experience overuse and your hip cartilage can be damaged or deteriorate over time.  An injury can result in a hip fracture. 

Treatment and Relief

An x-ray, MRI, or CT may be necessary to further evaluate the true source of pain. If the pain is referred from the back, non-surgical treatment options include trigger point injections, epidurals, selective nerve blocks, joint injections, and physical therapy. If the discomfort is secondary to a problem with the hip joint itself, nonsurgical treatment options include intra-articular hip injections and physical therapy. Most common causes of hip pain can be relieved with over the counter painkillers. You may also be able to relieve hip pain by icing the area for 15 minutes several times a day. It’s best to rest until you are fully recovered. 

Non-Surgical Spine Center

Non-Surgical Spine Center was established with the mission of providing patients and clinicians a non-surgical alternative in the treatment of spine and musculoskeletal pain. Utilizing the most current and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, our group offers patients a multitude of options for improving daily function and quality of life while significantly decreasing levels of pain. If you are experiencing hip pain, feel free to contact our office at 843-856-9669 or at our contact page.