Hand Pain and Numbness

Hand Pain

When a patient is suffering from pain or numbness in the hands, it usually means they have a pinched nerve or potential nerve damage. It can affect all aspects of life, from day-to-day tasks like dressing and driving to writing and typing.


Symptoms vary from patient to patient. Some patients will complain of a numb feeling or tingling that persists. The discomfort may be limited to one area of the hand, or travel down into the wrist. Stiffness and difficulty moving and lack of strength to grip objects are also sometimes reported. Depending upon the symptoms, we will test for a pinched nerve or nerve damage in the hand and wrist, to begin designing an effective course of treatment.


Hand pain and numbness are most commonly caused by a pinched nerve in the arm, wrist, or hand. Carpal tunnel is one example of a condition involving pinched nerves. In order to determine the exact cause, some testing may be necessary. Once the source of pain is identified, treatment is usually quite effective.


Treatment for hand pain and numbness depends upon the cause of the pain. For some patients, physical therapy may be appropriate to loosen the muscles and reduce inflammation that is pressing on the nerves. In others, injections may be necessary to hasten the healing process or reduce hyperactivity in the nerve pathway. Your doctor will discuss the options with you and decide upon an appropriate course of treatment based upon your specific situation.

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