Dr. Alexander and his team are top notch! I’ve been a patient for 3 years, and it’s very hard to find practice that provides exceptional care while running an organized business, but Dr. Alexander. Upon arriving, I am greeted by a friendly smile and am called back quickly . Dr. Alexander takes time to listen before speaking. He is always personable and strives to get me back to 100%. For anyone contemplating what to do about your back pain and where to go, I feel confident recommending Dr. Alexander.


They are very quick when seeing you, barely any wait time. The staff is friendly and helpful, everyone I met there was nice and knowledgeable. I received three treatments and in combo with physical therapy have had a great reduction in the amount of pain I’ve been in.


I’ve had ongoing back and leg pain for several years. After trying physical therapy, dry needling, and massage therapy, my doctor referred me to Dr. Alexander. I had 3 injections total in my lower back and have significant improvement! Dr. Alexander and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable. They always made me feel comfortable as well!


I was suffering for over 10 years with tremendous back pain. Without surgery, in only 3 visits, I was in and out and I much better.


I love it here and the procedure he uses works like a charm for me.


I came to Dr. Alexander and he’s really done me well. I am really satisfied.


I had a MRI which revealed the source of my nerve pain. I then came in for a procedure, and I promise you, I was in and out in probably 35-40 minutes.


I highly recommend the treatment that he’s been giving me to anyone who’s having lower back problems.


I want to thank you and your staff for the outstanding treatment that your facility has been providing me while I am recovering from an old lower back injury. You and your staff have impressed me and my wife, you genuinely care for my well being and your staff was attentive and polite. The aftercare was just as impressive; when I arrived for my appointments, they seemed to know who I was without having to refer to a chart or record. Thank You! Thank you, William E. White.


My name is Gaines Smith. I’m a lawyer here in Charleston. Several years ago I injured my back and since that time I’ve had tons of difficulty. Recently I had a procedure by Dr. Alexander into my back. I am delighted to recommend to anyone that they seek help with him rather than go through an operation. I have now undergone I believe three or four procedures since initially coming to this practice and the last one here has been remarkable. I feel better now than I have in many, many months. Thank you.


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