Chronic Back Pain can be Behind You - Without Surgery

Nearly 80 percent of adults will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. For most people, the symptoms will resolve and the pain will go away. When the symptoms last much longer than normal, this is known as chronic back pain.

People with this type of pain used to have limited options for pain management. They could choose from debilitating pain medications, surgery, chiropractic services which sometimes helped, or simply enduring the pain. “Scrambler therapy” is a relatively new technology that provides relief from chronic back pain without surgery or medication.


The most common source of chronic back pain — by far — is work-related injuries. In fact, chronic back pain is the number one cause of disability in the entire world. Work injuries due to heavy lifting or repetitive lifting tasks are so common that you probably know someone with a back injury right now. There are many additional possible chronic back pain causes, which can range from car accidents to osteoarthritis. Diagnosing the source of your pain will play a heavy part in your doctor’s design of an individualized treatment plan.

Chronic Lower Back Pain

The majority of back injuries tend to be in the lumbar region of the spine. This can result in chronic lower back pain. For patients with this condition, it can be very debilitating. Everyday tasks that require bending over, such as tying shoes, can be a source of misery due to a back injury. Back pain causes billions of dollars in lost productivity every year in the United States, in addition to billions of dollars that patients spend seeking treatment.

Treatment Without Surgery

Scrambler therapy is a machine-based treatment that has proven effective in relieving back pain. The treatment itself is painless and does not involve surgery or medications. It is also a very affordable treatment option to help patients finally achieve relief from chronic pain.

Scrambler therapy uses a machine that directs electroanalgesic signals to the nerve fibers in the patient’s spine. In the simplest terms possible, the scrambler therapy signals tell the spinal nerve fibers that the body is not in pain. When the brain interprets these “non-pain” signals, the patient’s pain is relieved. In addition to scrambler therapy, our clinic will work with you on ways to make lifestyle changes and exercises to reduce chronic back pain.

This pain treatment is not appropriate for all patients. You must have a diagnosed musculoskeletal injury to receive scrambler therapy. Pregnant women and patients with cancerous skin lesions cannot be treated by scrambler therapy, either.

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If you have been living with chronic back pain for some time, you might be able to avoid surgery through the use of scrambler therapy. Contact us at the Non-Surgical Spine Center in Charleston today to find out whether you may be a good candidate for scrambler therapy.

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